The Power of Words: A Middle School Experiment on Plant Growth

Words have incredible power – they can build up, tear down, heal, and hurt. At Centner Academy, we believe in the importance of cultivating a kind and encouraging environment, not just for the benefit of our students, but for all living things. That’s why our middle school students are conducting a fascinating experiment on the impact of words on plant growth and health.

The experiment involves two identical plants, but with one crucial difference: one plant will be spoken to with kind and encouraging words, while the other will be subjected to negative and discouraging words. Although plants don’t have ears to hear, they are highly sensitive to the vibrations and frequencies in their environment, including sound.

This experiment aims to raise awareness of the profound impact our words can have, not just on our fellow humans but on all living things. We want to demonstrate the importance of kindness, positivity, and respect for the world around us.

The results of this experiment could have significant implications, not just for our school community but for the wider world. We invite you to follow along with our progress and see for yourself the power of words in action.


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