Elementary School

At Centner Academy learning is authentic, complex, and intellectually engaging. Students do real work as authors, artists, inventors, explorers, athletes, and mathematicians. Giving students choice, autonomy, and high expectations for growth, we harness intrinsic motivation as the engine for  academic excellence.  Our academics are fueled by a strong foundation and emphasis on mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Through an interdisciplinary and inquiry-based program, students discover and master  foundational skills in academic disciplines while learning to grapple with the unknown, embrace multiple perspectives, and create innovative solutions. 

Students explicitly develop social and emotional skills that promote self-confidence, emotional  intelligence, positive communication, and collaboration. 

Our students are empowered to be themselves, to embrace learning fully and to contribute to the  community as stewards and changemakers. We believe empathetic citizens change the world.

Project-Based Learning

Our elementary schoolers participate in Science Fair, Earth Day Events, History & Literature Projects, Math World Wide Competitions, and Marketplace Entrepreneurship to help them learn in the real world, not just in classrooms.

Social-Emotional Learning

Centner Academy is leverages conscious discipline and focuses on mindfulness throughout the school day. All of our classrooms have Zen Zones for meditation and our elementary schoolers actively participate in sound bowl healing sessions to help center their work.

Differentiated Instruction

We believe in meeting children where they are and helping them grow from there, in Elementary school, this shows through our focus on ability grouping and on content acceleration for students who are ready to take the next steps in their learning.

Cross-Curricular Instruction

Our faculty help students connect their learning across subjects by using a literature-based curriculum, and real world mathematics. Our six available language programs also integrate cultural education to help our students develop empathy for people across the world.

Elementary School News