Our Curriculum

Cultivating The Leaders of Tomorrow

From the beginning stages of planning Centner Academy, our founders have been committed to developing a curriculum that will help cultivate the next generation of global leaders. Our students engage in project-based learning, language immersion, mindfulness activities, and emotional intelligence education to help them grow into the leaders our world needs. 

Unlike traditional schools, subjects and classes are not isolated, they’re connected in meaningful ways. Subjects and classes are not isolated but connect in meaningful ways to generate new methods of thinking. All classes promote entrepreneurial thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, and leadership to develop well-rounded learners.

“Centner Academy’s curriculum is academically rigorous and enhanced or augmented by focusing on happiness, health, relationships, and resilience”
Fast Company
August 23, 2019


Early learning is essential to a child's long-term growth, development, and success. At Centner Academy learning is authentic, complex, and intellectually engaging. Students do real work as authors, artists, inventors, explorers, athletes, and mathematicians. Giving students choice, autonomy, and high expectations for growth, we harness intrinsic motivation as the engine for academic excellence.

Elementary School

During elementary school, we focus on helping students grow through an interdisciplinary and inquiry-based program, students discover and master foundational skills in academic disciplines while learning to grapple with the unknown, embrace multiple perspectives, and create innovative solutions.

Middle School

Middle Schoolers have tremendous freedom of choice, with every student in 6th to 8th grade following a different schedule. Students have a full day of electives every week, with dozens of electives to choose from. Our students are empowered to be themselves, to embrace learning fully and to contribute to the community as stewards and changemakers. We believe empathetic citizens change the world.