Signature Programs

Centner Academy’s commitment to educating the whole child, and facilitating cross-curricular discovery is expressed in our Signature Programs. Each program has been specifically designed to enhance students’ educational experience, and allow them to explore interests, and discover their passions.

Centner Academy’s Entrepreneurship Program provides all students with the experience of launching and growing their own business. As they move through product development, students pitch their business plans in a real world “shark tank” to obtain seed capital. They practice sales and marketing as they prepare for our series of Bee Happy Marketplaces. As students create and deliver their goods and services, they explore finance and management aspects of business ownership. Along the way, students develop creativity, resilience, and confidence while applying lessons from across the curriculum. Centner Academy’s Entrepreneurship Program allows students to experience the transformative power of mutually beneficial, free market exchange and challenges students to use these skills to meet society’s needs.

Centner Academy’s Speech & Debate Program aims to become a nationally recognized speech and debate powerhouse.  By supporting students as early as sixth grade, Centner Academy high school students will be far more prepared than their peers for competitive success. This year, Centner Academy Students will attend the National Speech and Debate Association Middle School Nationals, Middle School Tournament of Champions, and Florida’s Novice States. Centner Academy’s debate team pairs world class resources with talented students for competitive and educational success.  

Wayne Selogy is our Speech & Debate Coach. Wayne  has been competing, coaching, and teaching debate since 2010. During his high school career, he competed on the national circuit and was ranked in the top 10 for congressional debate his senior year. After graduating college, Wayne became Head Speech and Debate coach at Oxbridge Academy, an independent school in West Palm Beach, Florida. As both an assistant and head coach at Oxbridge, Wayne guided students to elimination rounds and championships in both speech and debate activities. Wayne left Oxbridge Academy in the Spring of 2021 to pursue his J.D. at the University of Miami School of Law. While in law school, Wayne continues his passion for speech and debate through his educational consulting firm, The Wayne Institute. 

Elementary & Middle School PE & Brain Optimization: In our Brain Optimization Program, which doubles as our PE program, we focus on neuromuscular connection. Through physical movement, we are able to create efficient neural-pathways or superhighways that deliver and receive information in the most efficient and direct manner. We achieve this by using a combination of physical activities that include functional exercises, corrective exercises, plyometrics, and sports academy-style obstacle courses. We also learn and play 9 different sports a year divided into 4-week segments. During these segments, the students engage in specific exercises to strengthen the prime moving muscles and various muscle synergies associated with the sport and skill of focus. The students learn techniques, tactics, and rules of the game and are able to compete and take advantage of their acquired skill sets during our competition week at the end of each course. Students participate in PE every day.
Preschool Kinesthetics & Brain Optimization: The Brain Optimization Programat Centner Academy’s Preschool campus features daily kinesthetic classes. These classes are designed to support efficient neuromuscular connections which aid in optimal brain development. We provide various opportunities through movement that support sensory integration and development. Through natural functional movements, students have a chance to create synapses in the brain stem to solidify the development of balance and coordination. Through the consistent use of purposeful and meaningful activities, our students are challenged and supported in development of their fundamental gross motor skills. Proper motor development and function sets a strong foundation for academic success in, and out, of the classroom.
Interactive Metronome (IM) Program: An evidence-based training and assessment tool, proven to improve cognition, attention, focus, memory, speech/language, executive functioning as well as motor and sensory skills.
The technology and innovation curriculum introduces concepts and fundamentals in engineering. Students discover pathways in engineering by using interdisciplinary skills in critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, innovation as well as the engineering design process to tackle Maker challenges and Design Build challenges. This year we will challenge the students to solve real world applications of the engineering design process as well as gear into project based learning. In the last quarter, students will prepare to innovate and create their own designs as an active engineer in the community while learning how to use their STREAM skills in science, technology, research, engineering, arts and math. 
After school technology and innovation activities include Maker’s Lab, Lego Robotics, non-competitive Esports and competitive Esports. 
“Discipline is not something you do to children; it is something you develop within them.” — Dr. Becky Bailey, Founder of Conscious Discipline
Incorporating neuroscience and emotional intelligence, Conscious Discipline provides a transformational, whole-school solution for social-emotional learning, discipline and self-regulation. Through building safety and connection and practicing a series of routines, rituals, skills and powers, Conscious Discipline is transformational within schools and families, empowering children and adults to take responsibility for their own feelings and actions, and to contributing to a safe, loving school family.

We are excited to share that we have two School Counselors this year, Nicole Abelson and Samantha Cichocki. Our School Counseling Program provides support to students to excel emotionally, behaviorally and academically.

Centner Academy’s Mindfulness Program includes all teachers taking the Mindful Schools certification program. Our Mindfulness Team is composed of Ms. Gabriela, Ms. Zeinette, Coach Omeed and Ms. Fernanda, all of whom have extensive experiences, retreats and practices in Mindfulness. The Mindfulness Team supports teachers in implementing a brief meditation during Morning Meeting as well as implementing the Zen Zones which utilize all of the Conscious Discipline Safe Place. The Zen Zones are designed to help children learn to self-regulate.

Regener8 Farm & Retreat is the Centner’s 34-acre farm property in the Redlands in South Miami where a completely sustainable (energy, food and water) regenerative agriculture farm and overnight retreat center is being built from scratch. Centner Academy students participated in their first field trip to the farm last April 2022 and will resume Regener8 field trips in November 2022.  We are also in the process of developing a unique regenerative farm curriculum. This curriculum will integrate the entrepreneurial and regenerative farm skills program into Centner Academy’s school’s curriculum through theory, skills, experiences, and other elements in cooperation with the school community.  Some of the regenerative farm skills that will be explored include composting, chicken care and management, soil building, hydroponics, aquaponics nursery keeping, bee care, and food forestry among many others. 
Regener8 will also offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmshare boxes. The main share will consist primarily of vegetables, but we will quickly be adding other items straight from the farm such as honey, eggs, fish, and even baked goods. We will send more information about signing up as the season approaches soon, so please be on the lookout for that! 
Our Elementary & Middle School Campus will be installing 16 Garden Beds in the Recess Field behind the building. Each grade level will maintain 2 garden beds as part of their weekly Regener8 class.

As an International School, Centner Academy is proud to provide five foreign language choices for its Elementary and Middle School students: French, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin. German will be offered as a Friday Elective. Preschool students experience Mandarin and Spanish languages in an immersive style format. Our Foreign Language Program is unique in that it is focused on true language acquisition. All o four Foreign Language Teachers are trained in the Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) method. 

Our Theater Program is designed to foster the development of individual and group skills in the multiple elements of theater. Students will improve their voices, develop control of their bodies, move around on stage and take direction, learn to perform in front of a camera, read and analyze a play or script, and communicate well with others on and off stage. Theater will be offered as a Friday Elective and as an After School Activity.
Our Theater Program will be led by Ms. Amy. Amy was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Miami over 20 years ago! Ms. Amy has taught musical theater and dance for the past 15 years and loves to blend her love of theater and dance with social skills development and confidence building. With over 30 years of experience, Ms. Amy can’t wait for her journey to continue here at Centner. Amy says, “My passion for the theater and teaching has brought me to this dream opportunity at Centner Academy!”

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