The Top 5 Strategies for Your Child’s Brain Development

A Mindful Environment

In all of our core values, and in everything we do and teach, emotional intelligence is the foundation. It is our priority to be present and have healthy, open communication and interactions with everyone, including ourselves and the environment. By fostering intellectual and emotional growth, we are conscious in our actions, thoughts, and words in order to cultivate self-awareness, self-love, and inner peace.

Mindfulness and meditation are given dedicated times throughout the day in our school schedule. These practices are proven to have significant impact on individuals becoming less reactive to negative experience, and having increased attention span, focus, and gratitude. This results in a cascade of psychological and physiological benefits. By promoting the capacity to understand our emotions, we hope to cultivate leaders with heart, resilience, unity, and connection.

An Individualized Approach to Learning

Using a strengths-based approach to learning, all of our students and teachers have opportunities to do what they love across the curriculum.

Student development is problem- and project-based, where students are given projects that require them to use problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This helps students create authentic learning experiences using our research-backed learning strategies across all subject areas, with learners and teachers having access to a variety of tools to support every student.

Subjects and classes are not isolated but connect in meaningful ways to generate new methods of thinking. We champion entrepreneurial spirit, independence mixed with collaboration, and see challenges as opportunities for growth.

The sky’s the limit for our students and staff!

Fresh Food and Good Moods

We strive to accomplish the real purpose of food: to nourish the cells of the body and provide them with high-quality energy to optimally perform their main functions. Each of the specialized tissues in the body, including the cells of the brain, nervous system, vital organs, muscles, and bones, has a specific job to do and requires specific nutrients to do them.

We choose the highest quality food to fuel our bodies with a wide variety of fresh, natural, unadulterated, and minimally processed foods. By providing gluten-free, nutritious meals to our students, we aim to help prevent disease, decrease inflammation, increase intestinal functionality, improve mental and physical health, with flavors that rival conventional foods!

After all, a healthy body also means a healthy mind and spirit.

Empower Innovation

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education puts an emphasis on preparing the next generation who move into any industry to have valuable skill sets that allow them to be successful in their careers.

Empowering students to challenge standards and obtain the ability to think critically is the basis of innovation. Our STEM curriculum, Maker’s Space, science and technology labs, and after school programs provide opportunities to take traditional learning and pivot it to prioritize the hands-on experience and real-world application necessary for developing a visionary mind.
We openly invite creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, leadership, decision making, acceptance of failure and more. Regardless of the future career paths our students consider, these skill sets go a long way to preparing them to be forward-thinking and make a difference.
We are passionate about blossoming the movers and shakers of tomorrow!

Spark Human Connection

Through COVID-19 and any challenges we may face, we, as a school, remain anchored in our goals: keeping our students engaged, inspired, and our entire community safe and connected.
Our in-person learning option upholds state, local, and federal requirements and other essential safety guidelines, while allowing the students to foster human connection and interaction. We do not impose plexiglass in our school and we continue to offer our after school activities and athletics.

Additionally, we highly encourage diverse perspectives and understanding across cultures. Our committed offering of 5+ Languages for our students allows them to get primary access to a unique combination of engaging, real world practice, and compelling formal language education, with some areas of full language immersion available.

We value individuality and honor the freedom to be our true selves. We do not mandate vaccines and accept religious exemption.

Not to mention, all of the fun and laughter we get to have together as one big family is crucial to the environment we uphold.

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