Centner Academy’s Grades 1-4 Create Masterpieces in Picasso Guitars Unit

Centner Academy’s Grades 1-4 students have begun an exciting cross-curricular project during their art class – the Picasso Guitars Unit. In this project, students are exploring the artwork of the legendary artist Pablo Picasso and the Cubism style of art.

Each grade is delving into a specific Picasso period – the Blue Period, the Rose Period, and the famous portraits – for inspiration. Using paint and mixed media, students are modifying the body and neck of their own ukulele instruments to create masterpieces in the Cubism style.

We’re thrilled to see our young artists channeling their creativity and imagination to produce these unique and innovative pieces. This project not only helps our students to develop their artistic skills but also integrates their learning across different subjects, enhancing their cross-curricular knowledge.

We can’t wait to see the final results of this amazing project and applaud our students for their fantastic effort!


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