To transform our world, we have to start with education.

If we want the world to be a better place, we need to nurture a generation of thinkers and leaders who embrace love for their fellow humans and the dignity inherent in all life.

This begins when we all begin, in childhood, and the values we learn at home and at school shape the world we live in.


We take happiness and emotional intelligence seriously.

We aspire for kids to thrive and to lead truly ‘flourishing lives’.

​We enable a space where everyone can learn and grow into wellness that spans the heart, body, mind, and spirit.


Education that meets, supports and challenges students where they are, allows them to grow in self-awareness and empowers them to achieve and express their full potential.

A school where students, parents, teachers and staff can become the best version of themselves, and learning is experienced as a boundless journey – without the limits imposed by traditional classrooms and standards.


A school that embraces the inherent dignity of all life and engages students in advancing equity, overcoming biases and the pervasive effects of ‘group think’.

​Education that sees differences as strengths, promotes understanding and engages students with diverse perspectives that cut across ethnic, gender, origin, religious or socio-economic boundaries.

Pedagogy that recognizes multiple intelligences, divergent thinkers and the interrelations amongst disciplines.


A welcoming school community where everybody feels like they belong.

Where you walk into a room and sense that others see you and value you, that you can connect with empathy and thrive collectively. Where authentic relationships are built and nurtured among students, teachers, staff and families.

A sense of belonging that begins in self-discovery and expands to the school, the local community, our global village and the natural world.


Problem-based learning and critical thinking are at the heart of our curriculum design and educational approach. In times of unprecedented change, challenges and automation, the ability to think, innovate, problem solve, design and collaborate creatively are needed to flourish.

​Our school engages students as creators that rethink existing approaches to global challenges and design new solutions through meaningful, authentic, fun and creative work.

Our community invites and values independent thinking, and builds perseverance and resiliency through constant experimentation in an environment where all are comfortable with ‘making new mistakes’.


Education that ignites self-exploration and a sense of purpose. Learning journeys that support students in finding their ‘north star’ and caring about making a difference.

​Experiences that build the resiliency needed to overcome challenges in their path towards passion, alignment, meaning and fulfillment.

A school community built on compassion and love, with a collective purpose to protect life in our planet and advance social equity.