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Woven Heart – “Paper Quilt”

Grade: Kindergarten

Book: “The Goat in the Rug” by Charles L. Blood

Our Kindergarten students had a wonderful time enhancing their weaving, stitching, and scissor skills through a fun and creative project. They made looms, cut slits, wove, cut out hearts from construction paper, and stitched the edges to create beautiful paper quilts. Watercolor was added to bring even more creativity to their artwork.

You can find these colorful creations displayed in the cafeteria, covering the refrigerators.

To add to the atmosphere, the song “Peace Like a River” will be played on the Cafeteria Main Stage.

Come and enjoy the beautiful artwork and the serene music!



Discover the excitement of LED makers, the delightful glowing dots that can be crafted in seconds using simple components and attached to any ferro-magnetic surface. But that’s just the beginning! Get ready to unleash your creativity as we delve into the world of makers hacking and modification.

Start by creating a basic LED makers, then take it to the next level by chaining them together to form impressive maker”bugs.” 



Welcome to the thrilling world of the Scratch Augmented Reality Game! Prepare to be immersed in a unique gaming experience where coding and movement collide. In this innovative creation, we invite you to join us on a quest to catch falling logos and increment your point collection.

Harnessing the power of MIT Scratch, we have crafted an extraordinary game that seamlessly blends the virtual and real worlds. Get ready to witness the magic unfold as your web camera becomes a gateway to an augmented reality playground. As you move and interact with the game, logos will rain down from above, challenging you to swiftly catch them and earn valuable points.

This game is not just about entertainment; it’s a celebration of creativity and technological prowess. Every aspect of this immersive experience, from the captivating visuals to the intricate coding behind the scenes, has been meticulously crafted to offer an engaging and unforgettable encounter.



Welcome to the enchanting world of the Makey Makey Piano! Prepare to be captivated by the ingenuity of our students as they construct and program an interactive piano using conductive materials. This collaborative endeavor empowers users to create their own instruments and program up to 18 unique options.

At the heart of this project lies the fundamental principle of circuitry. By completing the loop using conductive materials, users can trigger and register sounds on the MIT Scratch interface. Explore the possibilities as you experiment with different materials and discover the magic of making music through the power of conductivity.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! One of the most remarkable aspects of the Makey Makey Piano is its ability to foster group engagement. Try connecting multiple people to the instrument and witness the symphony that unfolds. Together, you can create harmonious melodies by simply touching the conductive elements, forging a bond between technology, collaboration, and artistic expression.



In our program, students embark on a transformative journey through the software lifecycle as they delve into the realm of maze-based video game design. Through hands-on experiences, they learn how to bring their imaginative ideas to fruition, incorporating cross-curricular themes that span mathematics, science, history, and language.

As students progress through the levels of their games, they encounter a dynamic mix of power-ups and power-downs, each intricately linked to the subject matter at hand. This immersive gameplay not only entertains but also offers an engaging educational experience. Imagine exploring a historical era or solving math problems while navigating through a captivating virtual maze!

Join us at the Video Game Station and witness the power of coding and creativity as students unleash their imaginations and construct extraordinary game worlds. Prepare to be amazed by the transformative potential of interactive and educational gaming experiences. Let’s celebrate the magic of learning through play!

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