Miami Proud: The ‘First Happiness School’

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Everything about Centner Academy preschool is bright, colorful and designed to increase happiness to lead to academic performance. The school’s founding principles are a holistic approach to wellness, kindness, and education. “You want to see them balancing, looking at something, being able

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Medical Freedom from Mandated Vaccines

Your son or daughter may not be able to attend their first day of school until they are fully vaccinated. While these regulations were established to help protect all children, the amount of unknown risks associated with vaccinations will have you seriously second-guessing whether this

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The Top 5 Strategies for Your Child’s Brain Development

A Mindful Environment In all of our core values, and in everything we do and teach, emotional intelligence is the foundation. It is our priority to be present and have healthy, open communication and interactions with everyone, including ourselves and the environment. By fostering intellectual

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