Cultivating Leaders
with Heart

At America’s Happiest School!


Social emotional learning is infused throughout cross-curricular instruction. A school family culture is built through consistent modeling of routines, rituals and structures. The school family increases connections between adults and children at all levels, ensuring optimal development and learning for all.

Elementary School

The 1st through 5th grade experience ensures that every student is both challenged and supported, with leveled learning across subject areas.

Middle School

Middle Schoolers have tremendous freedom of choice, with every student in 6th to 8th grade following a different schedule. Students have a full day of electives every week, with dozens of electives to choose.

High School

The High School program is opening in Fall 2022, giving students opportunities to travel globally for community service, pursue and create their passions, and participate in a global sports development program for student athletes.

Helping Your Child Bee All They Can Bee

At Centner Academy we beelieve that students learn best when using their minds to solve problems, create solutions, and collaborate with peers to make the world a better place.

We beelieve that every student, every teacher, every parent, and every leader has an ethical imperative on this planet to pursue learning and growth in every activity of our lives.

Because our whole community is dedicated to being better for our world, we love learning, embrace mistakes as opportunities to grow, and challenge ourselves to be both loving and candid in our relationships with one another.

Our promises and values

To transform our world, we have to start with education



We take happiness and emotional intelligence seriously. We aspire for kids to thrive and to lead truly ‘flourishing lives’…



Education that meets, supports and challenges students where they are, allows them to grow in self-awareness and empowers them to achieve and express their full potential…


A school that embraces the inherent dignity of all human beings and engages students in advancing equity, overcoming biases and the pervasive effects of ‘group think’…


A welcoming school community where everybody feels like they belong. Where you walk into a room and sense that others see you and value you, that you can connect with empathy and thrive collectively…


Problem-based learning and critical thinking are at the heart of our curriculum design and educational approach. In times of unprecedented change, challenges and automation, the ability to think, innovate, problem-solve, design and collaborate creatively are needed to flourish…


Education that ignites self-exploration and a sense of purpose. Learning journeys that support students in finding their ‘north star’ and caring about making a difference…


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Our application process begins with a private tour with a member of the friendly Centner Academy admissions team. We can’t wait to meet your family and learn more about your learners.

After you fill out our inquiry form, we will provide you with access to our Online Admissions Portal.


Prospective students and families will be invited for interviews to make sure our school community is a great fit.


The Admissions Team sends decisions by email. If your family is accepted, you will have two weeks to accept or decline our admission offer and complete the enrollment contract