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Health & Wellness

Mind, Body, Spirit

Learn to care for yourself on every level

At Centner Academy school, we think health is more than a just a class.

It’s a lifelong habit of making informed decisions about your whole self—head to toe, inside and out. That’s why we’ve worked with experts to create a common sense wellness program that combines physical fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, emotional health, and a hearty dose of good night’s sleep.

Studies show that healthier people build healthier organizations, and at Centner Academy School, we believe that healthier students will create a healthier world. To us, that means teaching wellness in a personalized, straightforward, and nonjudgmental way that will empower students to take charge or their minds, bodies and spirit for years to come. Now that’s what the doctor ordered!

Our four-pronged wellness program ensures that all Centner Academy school students:

Eat right for life.

At Centner Academy School, eating right is a community affair. Our students are active participants in making, eating and understanding the food they eat, helping to design our lunch program alongside local chefs, farmers, nutritionists, and medical professionals. In the process, they learn how time, access and culture can affect their food choices—and how they can make their own health a top priority.

Understand the value of sleep.

Our teachers know that a good night’s sleep is an essential ingredient for educational success. Neuroscience shows that getting proper zzz’s is vital for helping students retain and categorize information. That’s why we offer flexible school start times; eschew excessive homework; and educate students about the effects of technology and stress on sleep.

Find fulfilling ways to exercise.

At Centner Academy School, we don’t put exercise in a box. With our challenge-by-choice approach, we simply encourage our students to find what moves them and then get moving! For some, that might look like doing pull-ups and climbing ropes. For others, it might mean joining a basketball team, and still others will venture out into the community to take up dance, rock climbing or yoga. That’s why we pair our students with fitness experts to create personal exercise goals that work for them, creating a lifelong habit of joyful movement.

Practice self-care.

Students learn best when they are focused, rested and stable. At Centner Academy School, we follow the latest science to help slow down, reflect and think positively. That means bringing mindfulness into the classroom, teaching students to recognize and respond to their emotions in healthy, responsible ways. But it also means helping students to bring mindfulness practices into their broader lives, exploring the connection between mental, emotional and physical health.

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