Dear 7th Grade Students.

I hope this email finds you well. We have an exciting two-day activity ahead of us that will not only hone your research skills but also allow you to dive deep into scientific topics that pique your interest.

Objective: Our main goal with this assignment is to help you conduct valid scientific research. By undertaking this research activity, you’ll be able to better understand the importance of credible sources, the intricacies of the scientific domain you choose, and the responsibility that comes with informed inquiry.

Assignment Details (Research Link:

Directed Research Survey:

Section One is mandatory for all. This section will focus on topics such as Western Medicine, Brain States, and the benefits of Lemon Grass. Your task will be to answer specific questions and provide reputable sources for your responses.

Section Two allows you to choose a topic that resonates with your personal interests within the realms of:

  1. Plant Biology
  2. Human Anatomy
  3. Physical Sciences
  4. Ecosystem Dynamics
  5. Genetics
  6. Weather & Atmospheric Science
  7. Chemical Reactions

Please remember that while the first section is standardized for everyone, the second section is where you have the freedom to pursue what genuinely intrigues you within the aforementioned domains.

Laser Cutting Challenge: Alongside the research assignment, you will also be participating in the laser cutting challenge. More details will be provided in class, but do gear up for a hands-on experience!

Grading & Citations: Both activities will be graded. It’s essential to make sure that your research is supported by credible sources. In the coming days, we’ll discuss how to cite these sources properly and determine the credibility of research materials.

Timeline: Please mark your calendars! This will be a two-day activity. Dedicate enough time to thoroughly research your chosen topics and engage in the laser cutting challenge. Both the survey results AND your finalized .SVG and .PNG must be completed by Tuesday’s class.

I believe this assignment will offer a valuable opportunity for you to independently explore the vast world of science, nurturing both your analytical and creative skills. I can’t wait to see the topics you choose and the insights you’ll bring to class!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Let’s dive into the wonders of science together!

Warm regards,
Brett 🙂