Celebrating Ms. Yi’s Contributions to Asia-Pacific American Culture Month

We are thrilled to announce and extend our heartfelt congratulations to our esteemed Preschool Mandarin Teacher, Ms. Yi, for receiving a well-deserved Appreciation Award from the Mayor of Miami-Dade. This prestigious accolade recognizes her invaluable contributions to Asia-Pacific American Culture Month and her unwavering dedication to promoting Chinese cultural heritage.

During the county government’s Asia-Pacific American Culture Month, Ms. Yi played a pivotal role in the planning and execution of numerous large-scale performances as a Chinese cultural and art consultant. Her expertise and passion shone through as she shared the richness of Chinese traditions and art forms with the community. Notably, Ms. Yi was invited to collaborate with the Chinese cultural heritage project at Miami Dade College, where she played a crucial role in developing voice, art, and preserving ancient Chinese culture.

Adding to her remarkable achievements, Ms. Yi proudly represented China at the “Chinese Assisted the United States in the 155th Anniversary of the Construction of the Kuwayang Railway” event. Her active involvement extended beyond live performances as she graciously participated in talk shows on various Asian radio stations, effectively popularizing and promoting Asian culture to a wider audience.

Ms. Yi’s accomplishments highlight her immense talent, commitment, and unwavering dedication to fostering cultural understanding and appreciation. Her outstanding work not only enriches the educational experience of our students at Centner Academy but also serves as an inspiration to the entire school community.

We applaud Ms. Yi for her exceptional achievements and express our deepest gratitude for her contributions to our school and the larger cultural community. Let us join together in celebrating her well-deserved recognition and thanking her for her continued efforts to promote cultural diversity and awareness.

Congratulations, Ms. Yi! Your remarkable accomplishments make us proud, and we are privileged to have you as an integral part of our school.

Stay tuned for more updates and achievements from our vibrant Centner Academy community.


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