Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements




We Lead with Heart

  • Guided by a shared vision 

  • Rooted in purpose

  • We are student-focused

  • An optimal student experience is our first priority

  • Our actions integrate heart and mind 

  • We care deeply about our community

Be Mindful and Present in all Interactions

  • We are conscious of our actions, thoughts, and words

  • We strive for inner peace

  • We are self-aware

  • We cultivate a healthy mind, body, and spirit

  • We promote the capacity to understand, process, and recognize emotions

Inspire Curiosity and Lifelong-Learning

  • Self-mastery and exploration are top priorities

  • We foster intellectual and emotional growth

  • We are forward-thinking 

  • We follow evidence-based, innovative best practices

  • We are committed to continuous improvement

  • We invite our community to take part in our lifelong learning journey

Foster the Inner Child

  • We choose to give from our hearts in every moment

  • We are rooted in service in our actions, thoughts, words, and presence

  • Our warm, caring spirit permeates all facets of the organization

  • We treat each other like family

  • The light in me honors the light in you

  • With compassion, we serve each other,  students, parents, and the community at large 

Ignite Happiness through Passion

  • Everything we do is from the heart 

  • We live lives deeply driven by purpose and passion

  • We exude positive energy

  • We cultivate potential

  • We focus on developing our gifts and the gifts of others

Navigate with Integrity

  • We are deeply aware of the impact our actions, thoughts, and words have on ourselves and others

  • We hold ourselves and others accountable

  • We value honesty, reliability, and credibility

  • Our thoughts, words, and actions are in alignment with our core values

Spark Human Connection

  • It is our priority to have healthy and open communication and interactions with everyone, including ourselves and the environment

  • We foster an ego-free environment by listening and collaborating

  • We are accountable in every interaction

  • We are safe to freely share ideas

  • We are a team with a unified vision

  • We seek diverse perspectives

  • We identify and nurture strengths

Cultivate Grit, Resilience, and a Growth Mindset

  • We have limitless potential

  • We honor innovation, tenacity, creativity, and uniqueness

  • We seek to inspire

  • We are solution-oriented 

  • We develop the entrepreneurial spirit within

  • We foster independence 

  • We see challenges as opportunities for growth

  • We invite feedback

  • We stretch ourselves

Promote Emotional Intelligence Throughout Our School

  • In all of our core values, and in everything we do and teach, emotional intelligence is the foundation!