How do we stimulate, support and cultivate a happy, healthy, curious child to grow into a fulfilled, successful adult who actively contributes to making the world a better place? As a school with a mission to shape future adults who are confident, emotional ninjas, successful and committed to making the world a better, kinder, more loving place for all — this is a question we ask ourselves often.

We all know through direct experience that the world is changing at a rapid pace. We are learning that what it took to “make it” or be “successful” in the past is no longer enough.

How do we equip our children to navigate this new world? How do we provide them the skills, tools and inner resources to handle the technological and social advances that haven’t even taken place yet?

To start, we need to optimize and use both sides of the brain — meaning we need to use our right brain creativity, imagination and intuition AND our left brain analytics, logic and facts. We also need to develop and improve emotional intelligence — the ability to understand ourselves and the capacity to relate well with others under new and changing circumstances.

In this post, we’ll dive into the latter — developing emotional intelligence. Explore our article on optimizing brain function.

What Does Emotion Have To Do With It?

At Centner Academy, we believe the key to navigating the present and the future lies within each one of us. By deepening and developing our own emotional intelligence (EQ) and supporting our children in doing the same, we will create super heroes capable of leading the world to a more harmonious and peaceful state.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, express and manage our own emotions coupled with the ability to recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others. In today’s world, we need to have a high EQ in addition to the more traditional measures of intellect (IQ) and practical skills. In fact, in the professional setting, EQ has been shown to be two times more important than IQ and technical skills when it comes to career success.

Developing emotional intelligence reaches far beyond workplace performance, touching all parts of life. Higher emotional intelligence has been linked to maintaining a positive state of overall personal well-being. Research shows that self-control during childhood (EQ’s ability to self-regulate) predicts physical health, financial well-being, less likelihood of substance dependence and engaging in criminal activity later in life.

The Amazing News about Emotional Intelligence

The great news about EQ is that it is not fixed — it is a capacity that can always be improved through ongoing practice. When we teach young children the practices of living with high emotional intelligence, those positive practices become effortless habits that stick with children. ✅

Just like we teach our children to tie their shoes or make eye contact when saying hello, we can teach them to identify what that feeling in their belly means, what the purpose of the feeling is in the moment and how to interpret, express and manage that feeling.

One of the greatest gifts of emotional intelligence is the ability to respond rather than react. Emotional intelligence gives us the awareness and tools to manage difficult situations and conversations in a way where we are able to behave in integrity with our own values — even when there is disagreement or when things get stressful.

How Centner Academy Integrates Emotional Intelligence at School 🏫

Developing emotional intelligence is integrated into our Centner Academy curriculum through storytelling, project-based work, and in practice through a designated space — the love and peace corner — where children can safely express and process their emotions in a nurturing environment before returning to their activity all lead by a mindfulness coach or trained teacher.

Our entire curriculum and school culture is intentionally built on a foundation of developing, practicing and deepening the emotional intelligence of our children,our teachers and staff, as well as parents. Centner Academy is committed to providing our entire community with the knowledge, tools and resources to learn, grow and perform at its best.

Is Centner Academy’s 21st Century Approach Right for You? 🎓

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