Cultivating  kindness, emotional intelligence

Academic Excellence
Discover the Secrets to Success for Children Learning 21st Century Skills

A) Emotional Intelligence woven throughout the day

B) Academic Excellence through Project-Based Learning and a Cutting Edge Curriculum
C)  Language Immersion for Global Readiness
D)  Happiness Leads to Success
E) Community – Lifelong Learning + Giving Back

At Centner Academy

At Centner Academy, we cultivate kindness and empathy in our students while stimulating a love for learning. Our multilingual environment emphasizes emotional intelligence, academic excellence, holistic wellness, happiness, creativity, innovation, empathy and collaboration.

Growing with a healthy brain + body

Mindfulness +
Setting Daily Intentions

Each day begins with setting intentions and age-appropriate meditation for calm minds and clear purpose. 

“I’m here to learn.”

“I choose for my day to be open and wonderful.”

The Love + Peace Corner

A safe place to process emotions with a caring adult before returning to class.


Developing emotional intelligence is integrated into our Centner Academy curriculum through storytelling, project-based work and in practice in a designated space — the Love + Peace Corner — where children can safely express and process their emotions in a nurturing environment before returning to their activity.

Movement to Optimize Healthy Brain Development

Movement is essential to learning.


Movement is directly related to developing strength, balance, coordination and optimizing brain development to support self-regulation, understanding, memory, higher-order learning and attention.


Sensory and kinesthetic activities are integrated throughout the classroom and school day. Our fitness class is designed to support neurodevelopment and help children reach gross motor milestones. We incorporate specific exercises and movements that support children in integrating essential reflexes for higher order learning and attention. Weekly yoga reinforces the mind-body connection, deepens self-awareness and provides space for reflection.

Organic, Gluten-Free Meals Support Growing Brains + Bodies

A trained chef prepares our meals according to a menu developed by holistic healer, nutritionist and physician, Dr. Kristin Reihman.


Our organic and nutritionally balanced meals are comprised of: 1/2 plate of vegetables, 1/4 plate of healthy fats and 1/4 plate of protein. We use fruits and natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, honey and dates in small portions. We avoid all processed foods, gluten, dairy, peanuts, other legumes and sugar. 

This diet provides many health and performance benefits including better self-regulation, clearer thinking and a consistent energy supply.

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