School Registrar

Centner Academy is a progressive, independent ‘happiness’ school that combines a deep commitment to emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and happiness with a challenging curriculum featuring language immersion, entrepreneurial thinking, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration. Using a strengths-based approach to learning, all Centner Academy students and teachers have opportunities to do what they love across the curriculum through project- and problem-based learning. Centner Academy’s mission is to promote:

  • Happy, thriving students

  • Rigorous curriculum that engages students

  • Mindfulness and emotional intelligence

  • Effective foreign language acquisition

  • Project- and problem-based learning

  • Entrepreneurial thinking

  • Personalized learning journeys

  • Habits to optimize neurodevelopment

Centner Academy’s curriculum philosophy was developed by a team of seasoned educators to meet the needs and expectations of globally minded families. Our intention is to shape future adults who are not only confident and poised to succeed, but who also have the character and skills needed to make the world a better, kinder, and more loving place for all.

Centner Academy is seeking a School Registrar to join its growing faculty for the 2022-2023 school year. Must be comfortable being in person on campus with students. 


  • Establish effective communications and relationships with students and parents.

  • Help to maintain school policies, regulations, and expectations.

  • Manage School Pass app including updating staff list, training staff and parents how to use the app and running reports regularly to monitor attendance and staff sign-in.

  • Manage report cards/transcripts requests.

  • Manage Blackbaud – add and withdraw staff and students as needed, manage attendance. records in BB. Support faculty and staff with entering grades. Manage report card generation.

  • Admissions support – collect admissions. 

  • Enroll new students throughout the school year. This involves handing out and explaining paperwork and inputting all information into the computer as well as contacting other schools for information.

  • Updating enrollment information for every student in grades 1-8 at the beginning of every school year.

  • Maintain all permanent records for all students 1-8.

  • Manage attendance.

  • Process student withdrawal forms and grades.

  • Assign lockers and maintain information on the computer.

  • Copy and mail records for students transferring out of the school and updating their status in our system.

  • Assist with certificates, awards, yearly attendance reports, core data report on transfers.

  • Perform general tasks such as making copies, delivering papers / mail to staff mailboxes, answering phones, and delivering messages as necessary, and checking students into and out of school.

  • Fulfill other responsibilities as assigned by the Centner Academy Administration.

  • Assist in other areas as duties are assigned by supervisor.

Essential skills and experience

  • At least five years of administrative experience.

  • Strong communication skills (oral and written).

  • Collaborative work style paired with the ability to take initiative.

Nonessential skills and experience

  • Eagerness to learn new technology and systems.

  • Very resourceful and adaptive, eager to embrace change, growth, and learning.

To apply, please submit a copy of your resume. Please also provide professional references (name and full contact information) with application. Compensation is competitive and based on experience. This is a year-round position. Staff training often occurs in summer months. 

Centner Academy is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to welcoming and celebrating a diverse student and faculty population. We believe every employee has the right to work in an environment free from all forms of unlawful discrimination. It is the policy of the school that employment decisions for all applicants and employees will be made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, genetic information, marital status, veteran status, disability, or other characteristics protected under local, state, or federal law. No employee will be retaliated against for raising concerns under this policy. We seek each employee’s contribution and assistance in helping us maintain equal employment opportunity.

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