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Brain Program

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Movement to Optimize Healthy Brain Development

We incorporate specific exercises and movements that support children in integrating essential reflexes for higher order learning and attention.

​ Movement is essential to learning and is directly related to developing strength, balance and coordination. Movement optimizes brain development to support self-regulation, understanding, memory, higher-order learning and attention.

Sensory and kinesthetic activities are integrated throughout the classroom and school day. Our fitness and yoga classes are designed to support neurodevelopment and help children reach gross motor milestones.

​ ​ For more information, contact our Preschool location at (786) 378-8646 to learn more.

Early Support  

Pk2 – Pre 1st

Providing support for Preschoolers

  • Struggle with social and environmental demands of the school day 

  • Show difficulty with attending behavior

  • Struggle with social skills development 

  • Lack effective communication skills 

  • Lack self control and body awareness for their age norms 

  • Difficulty interacting in a playground appropriately 

  • Constant tantrums and disruptive behaviors as reactions to unfavorable outcomes of a day past what is in the age norms 


The Preschool options would be:


  • Have small group sessions designed around the areas that need support 

  • As children meet the classroom readiness criteria they will spend more time in the classroom and less time in the brain program  

Optimizing the Brain 

Preschool – Middle School

PE/Fitness/ Movement Classes

We offer body and brain fitness classes which is a developmental approach to movement activities that targets the integration of sensory information and reflex integration.

  • Vestibular movement activities that will assist with space orientation

  • Body awareness activities

  • Strengthen and solidify foundational physical skills such as, balance, coordination, core strength, hand eye coordination and visual tracking along with other pre-sport skills

Intensive therapeutic setting

 Children under the age of 5 will have the opportunity to do half day intensive therapy program in a 1:1 and 2:1 setting to prepare their brains and bodies for a more structured environment

This program will run daily for 3-4 hrs a day and focus on the child’s development to prepare him or her for a more inclusive setting


Afterschool Transition

 1st- 8th Grade


The Program is intended to prepare the child to be in a typical school setting. Learning classroom readiness skills in a therapeutic environment.

This program can be done every day for an intensive approach or three times a week to have continuous progression.
Being aligned with the school and with the classroom criteria in hand we can ensure the program keeps the child on track for their future in our classrooms as an independent participant.

As they continue to grow our after school program will be there if they need help staying on track or preparing for the challenges that will follow.