Senior Kindergarten

Multidisciplinary, inquiry-based, self-directed learning in a nurturing, loving, caring environment, leading to confident, caring, thoughtful and active students on their way to elementary school.

For 5 year olds.

All Centner Academy Programs have a Primary English ECE educated lead teacher and a native Beijing Mandarin speaking teacher in the classroom.

It’s Physical

Increased self-awareness of growth, ability, health choices and appearance; advanced nutrition and food preparation, basic concepts in kinesiology, organized sports and rules.

The happy and healthy five year olds finish their final year before Elementary School by mastering many physical activities (running, climbing, helping others, polite and deferential habits, skipping, ball play, rope games, etc.) and early discussions of nutrition, fitness and healthy habits (rest, sleep, self-care). These important lessons are reviewed in science discoveries, visits to the school kitchen, dentist office, and so on. They plan, prepare questions, schedule and explore other spatial concepts.

It’s Imaginative

Writing stories, screenwriting and blogs, formal science lab experiments, solving interdisciplinary problems, introduction to instruments, cultural use of art and music, building robotic prototypes and writing basic computer coding, introduction of mindful behavior, attitudes and habits.

Five-year-olds begin to hypothesize ideas, follow through with their theories, reflect and analyze their work, as well as collaborate to create shared projects. Teachers use advanced technology skills to encourage students to reflect on their daily experiences in blogs while reinforcing language acquisition by creating dictionaries that enhance and support their writing in Mandarin and English. In parallel, science, math and geography skills are honed.

It’s Growing Together

Reach out into local community with service and follow-up reflection, discuss values, community structures, leadership and concept of empathy, study communities and cultures of the world, collaborating to reinforce support and care for one another, and preparing students to devise their own individual learning plan.

Children can negotiate with their peers and discuss options with both care for their own interest as well as understanding others’ interests, thus becoming a thoughtful participant in group projects. At five, children gain self-confidence and management skills as their academic capabilities grow to launch their Elementary School years.

It’s Language Acquisition

Students who have had Mandarin before will advance their use of it in every subject. Others in their first exposure to Mandarin will progress with more aggressive language support. Recent neuroscience research has proven that Mandarin increases thinking ability, problem-solving, creativity and imagination. It’s pervasive in every area of the immersion curriculum.

As English vocabulary and pronunciation increase the five-year-old mind begins communicating in more complex and compound sentences while in Mandarin they are still early in their language mastery. Like the younger students, they focus on the world around them, learning greetings and vocabulary about “me” and “my family” in Mandarin, as they acquire skills for how to listen, and how to talk about animals, foods and basic school supplies. Songs, rhymes, movement and oral presentations reinforce these exciting new verbal skills. They dabble in pairing words to make sentences and reason math and other related content in Mandarin, closely coordinated by both lead Mandarin and English teachers. Students recognize growing amounts of sight words and Mandarin characters that, along with an increased phonological awareness, provide them the skills to work through their first stories, alone and in class. Some children are even able to read simple stories by the end of the year with support from their teachers.

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