Build trust, love, safety, confidence and security.
Eat, play, nap and learn in a lively preschool environment.

For 3 year olds.

All Centner Academy Programs have a Primary English ECE educated lead teacher and a native Beijing Mandarin speaking teacher in the classroom.

It’s Physical

There is plenty of physical fun playing ball, running, skipping, tumbling, climbing, dancing and partnering in joyful movement. Our open spaces indoors and out invite the kinetic excitement of our three-year-old kids. Discussions of nutrition and what we eat and how it helps our physical ability make their way into learning and eating. Painting and using play dough or clay are an extension of that physicality of expression!

It’s Imaginative

Inquiry-based learning where teachers ask more questions and students are made to think begins the students journey towards becoming a critical thinker. The inclusion of art, music basics, clay and painting increases creativity. Tablets, group chemistry and leadership development are introduced. “¿Por qué? 为什么? Why?” are commonplace in conversations as language and curiosity evolve together, developing a sense of reason and interaction. The questions are their own, not their parents’, and these curious thinkers are finding a place for their own thoughts and ideas. The self-directed student is happy playing, relaxed with routines and eager to participate, especially if they can share their own way of seeing the world. Their teachers encourage the openness of the thinking and help each student find his/her own perspective and way to express it. Still, students produce simple sentences but an emerging voice that earns support from the teacher and classmates. Teachers reinforce sentence patterns in songs and rhymes.

It’s Growing Together

Working in groups to solve problems, singing and dancing together, supporting each other’s thinking, finding their voice and writing or drawing their feelings instills a sense of more than just self, they are the seedlings of understanding about community. Some find the threes a wonderful starting point for divergent and creative thought. Our teachers celebrate the ways they are making sense of the world using open-ended materials and conversations while supporting each other’s thinking, problem-solving skills and early efforts to get things “right.” It might be a painting, an expression of words, a gesture, a song, a dictation or a math challenge with books, maps, notepads, labels, tags and or voice recordings. Tracing and copying helps students begin mastery of names and numbers, characters, shapes and related patterns. Most of all, it is a wonderful stage of helping each other start experimenting with their own unique voice and ideas, in their class and, as their art gets hung, on the walls and around the school.

It’s Language Acquisition

Whether at play or in class, the curriculum is immersed in multilingualism throughout every subject area. Your child’s developing brain is ripe for learning language, math, geography, complex visual concepts and music. Knowledge of Mandarin, Spanish and English increases thinking ability, creativity and imagination. As first-time learners of Mandarin, our three-year-olds focus on the world around them, learning greetings and vocabulary about “me” and “my family” in Mandarin, as they acquire skills for how to listen, how to talk about animals, foods and basic school supplies. Songs, rhymes and movement reinforce these exciting new verbal skills. They slowly progress to stories from around the world, the notion of “author” and “illustrator” and main characters in a story become familiar.

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