Junior Kindergarten

Structured learning for confidence-building, greater independence, self-directed, in a nurturing, loving and caring environment.

For 4 year olds.

All Centner Academy Programs have a Primary English ECE educated lead teacher and a native Beijing Mandarin speaking teacher in the classroom.

It’s Physical

Objectives at this age are to improve whole body coordination, to experience expressive movement, take responsibility for food choices and build a foundation for lifelong health and physical fitness. Four-year-olds love discovering their capacity to move: not just climbing but also jumping, hopping, skipping and trotting with their lower body and tossing, catching and twisting confidently with their upper body. Learning at four continues with dancing, acting and slowly holding writing tools. The writing, listening and speaking curriculum support these new physical skills.

It’s Imaginative

Students verbalize and create stories then draw and paint them, move to music, and reason through math problems and patterns. They begin the science of space, forms and archeology, advance the use of apps and leading-edge technologies. Numbers, written language and expressive art projects begin to be part of a four-year-old’s daily patterns as they begin to reason how the world around them works. Comparing quantities and symbols lays the foundation for future mathematical reasoning, even patterns of days, weeks, years and seasons. Simple science projects that begin as discoveries about the world around them take a deductive, orderly approach, using appropriate tools and materials that will further their research.

It’s Growing Together

Working in pairs and formalizing presentations, experiencing a more advanced level of socialization, leadership skill development, acknowledging feelings, setting the cornerstones of choir (singing in a group), working together on art and science projects, introducing robotics, and community service continues the learning about more than just self. The daily lessons engage students in creating projections and in revisiting their experiences through photographs, discussions, videos, or voice recordings. Work in three languages brings family stories, key relatives and art together in shared discussions and presentations. Paired work in presentations encourages the students to solve problems and make discoveries together.

These advances help the four-year-olds learn characters in Mandarin and practice the alphabet in English. They are busy developing relationships and understanding feelings alone and in groups. These important steps to belonging help move toward more complex social interactions such as joining in organized group activities.

It’s Language Acquisition

Whether at play or in class, the curriculum is immersed with Mandarin in every subject area – your child’s developing brain is ripe for learning language, math, geography, robotics, complex visual concepts and music. Mandarin increases thinking ability, problem-solving, creativity and imagination. As English vocabulary and pronunciation increase, the four-year-old mind begins communicating in more complex and compound sentences, while in Mandarin they are still early in their language mastery. Like the younger students, they focus on the world around them, learning greetings and vocabulary about “me” and “my family” in Mandarin, as they acquire skills for how to listen, how to talk about animals, foods and basic school supplies. Songs, rhymes, dances and movement reinforce these exciting new verbal skills. They dabble in pairing words to make sentences and reason math and other related content in Mandarin, closely organized by both lead teachers.

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