We Call Ourselves the Brain School

Posted by Centner Staff on  November 5, 2019

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To prepare our children for the opportunities and challenges of the future, we need to optimize brain function — meaning we need the right and left sides of the brain working together coherently. While the human brain continues to change as we age, research has shown that a child’s experiences between 0-8 can have long term impacts on her overall health and well-being as well as on her neurologic, metabolic and immunologic systems. Research has
How do we stimulate, support and cultivate a happy, healthy, curious child to grow into a fulfilled, successful adult who actively contributes to making the world a better place? As a school with a mission to shape future adults who are confident, successful and committed to making the world a better, kinder, more loving place for all — this is a question we ask ourselves often. We all know through direct experience that the world

An Exploration of Language Immersion

Posted by ca_admin on  November 29, 2018

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In recent years, language immersion schools have become quite popular in the United States. With the promise of offering children advanced language and literacy skills, many parents have welcomed this way of learning and for good reason. What is a Language Immersion School? A language immersion school is an institute that offers an educational program taught in (at least) two languages, a minority language and a majority language. A minority language is one that is

The Benefits of Play for Child Development

Posted by ca_admin on  October 19, 2018

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For many adults the phrase “play time” is often associated with a time to unwind from a typical day’s routine. For children, play time can include sports, games and imaginary play. Though it may not seem very significant, play time actually has a crucial role in child development by establishing the foundation for a lifetime of learning through interaction with people and objects in the child’s environment. The Psychology of Play Over the past few
Starting a new school year can either be a pleasant experience or a stressful one depending on how well your child is emotionally prepared for it. Some children will be excited about venturing outside of the house and making new friends, while others will show signs of separation anxiety. What is Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety disorder is a condition that causes a child or adolescent extreme distress when he or she is separated from their

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