Centner Academy’s mission is to shape young people into adults who are not only confident and poised to succeed, but who also have the character and skills needed to make the world a better, kinder, and more loving place.  To achieve this, Centner Academy has developed an educational philosophy that is a unique blend of diverse academic paradigms supported by Five Key Pillars: language mastery, leadership, values-based character development, mindfulness and life skills.

Centner Academy is where students today get everything they need to be strong adults in the world of tomorrow.

We designed an entirely new school from the ground-up as a living, breathing response to new academic and social challenges. In a world that is gaining a greater awareness of the psychological and societal effects of bullying, where safety and security are at the forefront in American classrooms, and where insecurity and social pressure can follow our children 24/7 through digital networks, Centner is here to provide your child with a very different experience.

This new normal is not normal. Our curriculum and community are built on deep, steadfast values of compassion and kindness. To us, there is no leadership without empathy. We are a connected and loving school, with zero tolerance for bullying and an emphasis on character and citizenship. On this foundation, we offer an incredible academic experience that prepares them for the multinational global economy.

At Centner, no child will ever be left behind because we walk arm-in-arm, supporting one another through critical years of growth and learning. Enroll your child today at 2 ½ and when he or she is 18, you will meet a mature, thoughtful, loving, intelligent person who is fully prepared for the world of tomorrow.

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