The Benefits of Multilingual Immersion

Centner Academy’s curriculum features daily immersion in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English, the world’s three most widely spoken languages. Each day includes four hours of Mandarin, two hours of English and one hour of Spanish, plus optional Mandarin, Spanish or English in the after school programs.

As we continually add one new grade per year until a Preschool through 12th grade education is offered, we remain committed to nurturing children through the appropriate emotional, intellectual, social and physical growth that occurs from ages 2 ½ to 18. Centner staff, administrators, and parents are excited to support and encourage each student’s potential throughout these influential years.

A growing body of evidence suggests that bilinguals ranging from young children to mature adults exhibit enhancements in both executive functioning…and cognitive flexibility, which aids problem solving and planning.
“The Brain Science of Bilingualism”

Through immersive multilingual instruction, Centner starts children on the road to being fully prepared for life in a world with fewer borders. This emphasis on multilingualism is at the core of our unique combination of progressive academics and cultural inclusion, which comes to life in many ways:

  • Rigorous academic instruction in small classes
  • A research-based curriculum that fosters mindfulness
  • An engaging and motivating physical space
  • Before and after school programs
  • Culturally enriching field trips
  • Special events for students and families
  • Continuing education for parents

Language immersion is but one pillar of our foundation; we endeavor to develop well-rounded, confident young men and women brimming with spirited confidence, curiosity and empathy.

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