A Blended Curriculum Philosophy

Everything that happens in a school is considered curriculum. From welcoming the students in the morning through all of the activities that take place during the day, to the time they leave the school, the educational philosophy is infused into every minute of the student’s experience. Centner Academy has a curriculum philosophy that is informed by the best practices of every global educational philosophy to produce a world-class educational experience for its students.

Centner Academy approaches learning in the follow ways:

Inquiry based learning builds critical thinking skills throughout a child’s life. When a child is asked a question as part of their learning, it stimulates independent thought and a process of discovery. The nature of inquiry is ideally both curiosity-based and fluid. Narrow criteria, restrictive rubrics, and other traditional artifacts of “school work” can stifle inquiry at this point of the learning process. Centner Academy’s students will be challenged to be independent thinkers not simply accepting of information as truth.

Multi-disciplinary approach to education broadens the child’s ability to conceptualize and connect different disciplines. Building threads between programs, math and geography for instance, allows for a much deeper understanding of both disciplines. Children don’t learn in a linear way, they take in everything around them to understand their surroundings and how things work. Centner Academy’s multi-disciplinary methodology enhances the child’s learning ability enabling them to gain mastery not just memory.

Project- based learning teaches collaborative skills and an understanding of teamwork. When children work together on projects, they develop greater social skills, problem solving skills, and the initial experience of leadership. Project-based learning is often hands-on which broadens the scope of a child’s experience and allows different learning styles to flourish.

Self-directed learning allows the child to participate in how they learn and builds self confidence and self esteem. When a child is allowed to participate in how and what they learn, they become more engaged and motivated, not afraid to fail and try again. A keen sense of accomplishment accompanies this style of learning which further fuels a child’s desire to learn.

Highly Personalized instruction ensures every child’s needs are focused upon and nurtured. Every child learns differently and at different speeds and pace of development. Centner Academy’s highly trained staff look for learning patterns and understand how to individualize a child’s learning experience so that they can experience success and feel the joy of achievement.

Centner combines elements of all five of these approaches and builds upon a strong foundation of multilingualism. Students who’ve mastered more than one language routinely outperform monolingual students in key areas of learning and achievement. In fact, “2- and 3-year-olds who are bilingual are more flexible learners.” In addition to learning new languages, Centner students develop critical life skills such as leadership, positive citizenship and resiliency of character.

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