Our core: five pillars

The Five Pillars of a Centner Academy Education

Language Mastery
Established scientific research routinely concludes that students raised in a multilingual community perform better academically and tend to be more creative, empathetic and curious about other cultures. Language mastery also helps them integrate more naturally into other communities and to contribute more broadly to the world around them.

Character forms from the earliest stages of child development. Though many characteristics are genetic, every child has potential to learn leadership, which is truly the highest form of citizenship and participation in society. Our curriculum and the way the entire school community is designed reflect this belief in our students as future leaders.


Values of kindness, compassion, acceptance, excellence, perseverance and respect are infused into the curriculum to help produce balanced, high-functioning students prepared to become versatile, talented leaders in a changing world.

When a child’s mind is unencumbered by worry about the future, or concern about the past, they are able to experience a fuller, more emotionally balanced life that releases their imagination and opens up endless possibilities for lifelong learning and achievement. These skills are easily taught to children at a young age, which can result in significantly increased levels of emotional intelligence and confidence as adults.

Life Skills

Even in their earliest years, students are capable of responsible, productive behavior that benefits themselves and those around them. This habit of learning from those around them, while identifying and solving problems, creates highly successful skills for life as our students become adults.

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